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7 Interesting Products That Contain CBD

7 Interesting Products That Contain CBD

cbd water

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of the many natural active substances in cannabis. Without causing the feeling of being high like other substances in the plant, CBD provides several medicinal purposes. For example, The Epilepsy Foundation is a strong advocate for the research and utilization of CBD as a potential treatment of epilepsy.

With so much more research and facilitation surrounding CBD, there have been numerous companies coming up with different ways to intake this substance with safety and convenience in mind.

Some CBD users are unable to smoke, due to the interactions between smoke and various underlying conditions like asthma. To accommodate these individuals, there have been many inventive discoveries concerning the easy consumption of CBD.

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1.   CBD Sex Gummies

CBD sex gummies can be a yummy way to take cannabidiol AND enhance your sex life. Sex gummies that contain horny goat weed and ashwagandha are said to promote relaxation and desire.

2.    Nipple Balms

Sensitive nipples?  Chafing from running?  CBD nipple balm may be the answer to your dilemma!  Just a side note, when breastfeeding, always err on the side of caution and consult a doctor before using.

3.    Water

Skip the oil drop step and go straight to enjoying a beverage infused with CBD! These products include a tailored amount of CBD in each can or bottle for swift access. There are many different tasty flavors to choose from, and you can even get some that come in the sparking water variety. Choose a flavor or get a variety pack to try each one.

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4.    Chocolate

If you’re more into a chocolatey flavor than the candy-likeness of a gummy, there are CBD-infused chocolates on the market. You can pick your favorite kind of chocolate creations, like white chocolate or chocolate with nuts for a direct serotonin boost before the CBD kicks in to kick your dopamine in gear. Not only do they satisfy your hankering for something sweet, but they offer a quick way to access comfort for your ailments and anxiety

5.    Beauty Products

From lip gloss to acne creams, CBD is now combined in several different beauty products. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, lip balms would be perfect for those with chronically chapped lips. Likewise, eye masks with CBD can help aid in the goal of youthful eyes.

6.    Bath Salts

Have a relaxing spa day with CBD bath salts. Many of these bath salts come in a variety of Himalayan or Epsom to provide an optimized anxiety release.

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7.    Lotions

Topical solutions like lotions and body butter can be infused with CBD to administer direct relief. Individuals with joint pain or harsh skin will appreciate the alleviating factors of CBD lotions.


No matter how you decide to use CBD, we hope that one of these 7 interesting products that contain CBD might be the answer for you. Drop it in your food, drink it, wear it, or bathe in it; your CBD treatment is out there and ready for you!






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